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Amar Inn  

B&B in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos remains at its heart, a fishing village. In addition to providing the community (and local restaurants!) with fresh catches daily, our fishermen also can take you out to try your own hand, or to the nearby national reef park to snorkel.

Ocean view from our hotel
Beach in Puerto Morelos

Our famous lighthouse has weathered 3 hurricanes in as many decades and is still standing! That´s why the community decided to keep it this way in memory of the storms.


Our town square is the center of everything, and is only a ten minute walk from The Amar Inn and you never know what you might find going on in the square!

All kinds of shops and restaurants ring the square. You won't find fresher seafood anywhere, and in addition to Mexican food, we even have Chinese, pizza and Italian, Uruguayan, Argentinian, and vegetarian! Not bad for a small town.


Gral Lazaro Cardenas LT 4 , 77580 Puerto Morelos  01 998 871 0026

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